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Fast Flash: The Ultimate Lead-Free, Flexible, Self-Adhesive Flashing Solution

Fast Flash is a versatile product that makes sealing around dormer windows, chimneys, roof valleys, ventilation caps, solar panels, skylights, and wall abutments a breeze.  Made from environmentally friendly materials, including aluminum stretch netting and flexible polymer rubber, Fast Flash has a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.  It works well with roofing materials, including metal roofs, tiles, polycarbonate, concrete, glass, exposed brick, rough concrete, and timber.  With its advanced technology, Fast Flash can handle even the most challenging roof applications.  



Manufactured by DEKs, a highly respected name in the roofing industry, Fast Flash provides exceptional weather protection with a twenty-year guarantee.  You can purchase rolls of this product in 5-meter lengths and choose from three standard widths: 280mm, 370mm, and 560mm.   It’s also BAL-rated 19, making it an excellent option for use in bushfire zones.  


The Lead-Free and Environmentally Friendly Roofing Solution

Fast Flash is a lead-free and durable option for those who care about the environment.  It meets safe drinking water standards and is perfect for rainwater harvesting.  Fast Flash is incredibly flexible and easy to work with.  It can be shaped, folded, or molded to fit any roof profile using your hands without special tools.  For the best results, use a sand hammer or roller to fit corrugated iron or other specific roof profiles.  Say goodbye to the hassle of cutting or reshaping metal flashings with Fast Flash. 


Say Goodbye to Time-consuming Flashings
Installing Fast Flash is a breeze.  Unroll the required length and shape the flashing onto the vertical surface (like a wall or chimney) and your roof.  The self-adhesive backing stays in place as you mould the flashing.  Once you’re happy with the shape, remove the self-adhesive backing from the vertical section only and stick it in place.  Thanks to the butyl adhesive backing, you have ten minutes to adjust the flashing if necessary.  No need to pre-stretch the material to avoid warranty issues.  Finally, remove the remaining backing paper and gently smooth the flashing against the roof.  Shape the flashing around corners with simple angle cuts to ensure a tight fit with minimal overlap gaps.  With Fast Flash, you can complete the installation in half the time it would take for metal or lead flashings.  It’s that easy! 



Fast Flash is a durable solution that remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures and provides long-lasting protection for your roof.  It meets all AS/NZS 4347 requirements for Damp-proof Courses and Flashings. 

If you’re dealing with complex roofing flashing scenarios that require tricky shape profiles, Fast Flash is the ideal solution.  It’s a lead-free, self-adhesive, and flexible product that comes in various colours to match your roof’s aesthetics.  To learn more about Fast Flash, contact Roofing Options Centre today. 

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