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EasyClick PC 500

Easyclick PC 500 Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Do-It-Youself Polycarbonate Panels

EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels are one of the most D.I.Y. friendly polycarbonate roofing systems on the market today.  EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels are 500mm wide and 16mm thick with robust cross wall construction.  This means that EasyClick PC Panels offer a high level of impact resistance and rigidity.  Much like other polycarbonate products,  EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels also provide outstanding light transmission and with the safeguard of UV protection.

The Perfect Product To Retro Fit

One of the benefits of EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels is that this product can certainly be retrofitted to almost any pre-existing structure designed for standard profile polycarbonate roofing without any additional support or construction required. Similar to timber floating floor products, EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels have a concealed fixing design that is also waterproof.  No need for any specialist tools as well.  Any “Do It Yourselfer” would have all the necessary tool in the back shed.
Easyclick PC 500 Polycarbonate Roof Panels
Easyclick PC 500 Polycarbonate Roof Panels

The Perfect Modern Alternate For Your Roof

Simply cut the EasyClick PC Polycarbonate Panels to length, screw the first panel in place and snap in the next panel.  Repeat this process until you have covered your roof and finish the exposed ends with an aluminium U channel.  Sound simple, well that’s because it is! Most Polycarbonate Roofing System have specific requirements for your structure design to meet for a successful installation.  That is not the case with EasyClick PC 500, it’s the perfect flat polycarbonate roofing system that can be retofitted to almost any exisiting structure design and best of all…you can do it yourself!
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