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Is Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting Good for Greenhouses?

Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheets for Greenhouses  


If you’re considering building a greenhouse, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of roofing material to use. Glass is a traditional choice, but there are other options. Clear polycarbonate roof sheets offer several advantages over Glass, making them a better choice for greenhouses. 


Benefits of Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheets  


  • Durability. Polycarbonate is extremely durable and shatter-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking during a typical hail storm or from impact with other objects. 
  • Insulation. Using polycarbonate as an insulator in your greenhouse can help maintain heat during the winter and cool air during the summer, saving you money on heating and cooling costs for your setup. 
  • UV Protection. The use of polycarbonate can prevent harmful UV rays from damaging plants, ultimately promoting their health and growth. 
  • Light Transmission. Polycarbonate effectively transmits a significant amount of light, which is crucial for the growth of plants. With this feature, your plants can receive the necessary sunlight to thrive and become robust. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Polycarbonate is a budget-friendly option compared to Glass. It comes at a lower cost for purchase and installation and has a longer lifespan. 

Advantages of Using Clear Polycarbonate Roofing for Plant Growth


In addition to the numerous benefits outlined earlier, clear polycarbonate roofing has been proven to play a significant role in enhancing plant growth. Polycarbonate’s unique light transmission properties allow more sunlight to reach the plants, which is essential for photosynthesis and food production. As a result, plants grown under polycarbonate roofs tend to be healthier and more productive compared to those grown under traditional roofing materials. 


We offer transparent polycarbonate roofing profiles. 

We offer clear polycarbonate roof sheets in three different profiles: Corrugated, Greca, and 5 Rib (also called Trimdeck). Each profile has its advantages, allowing you to select the one that best meets your requirements. 

  • Corrugated. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are the most popular type of polycarbonate roofing. They are strong, durable, and provide excellent insulation.  
  • Greca. Greca polycarbonate sheets are a more decorative option than corrugated sheets. They have a wave-like pattern that adds visual interest to your greenhouse.  
  • 5 Rib (Trimdeck). Trimdeck sheets have a more pronounced profile, making them ideal for greenhouses with a less steep roof pitch.  


At Roofing Options Centre, we specialize in polycarbonate roofing solutions. Our team is knowledgeable in different brands, profiles, and performance levels, giving you a variety of options to choose from. What’s more, we can cut your clear polycarbonate roof sheets to your desired length specifications. We take pride in our fast turnaround time, ensuring that your greenhouse can be set up without delay. 

Contact one of our three Roofing Options Centre locations today to learn more about our products and services. 

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