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One Shot Screws – Why Should I Use Them?

Planning to install polycarbonate roofing but unfamiliar with one-shot screws? 

Due to temperature changes throughout the day and night, polycarbonate roof sheeting expands and contracts, so fastening and securing your sheeting is critical as it accounts for this movement over time. This is where screws become an invaluable mechanism that is designed to lock the sheet in place.

This article will explore different types of screws available, the benefits of these screws, and how they can make your new roof last decades. After all, a strong roof is a cornerstone of every home.

Benefits of Using One Shot Screws

There are many advantages to one-shot screws. In the past, preparing a polycarbonate roof sheet for installation meant drilling individual 10mm clearance holes at every screw point and then fastening screws directly through each hole.

Now, one-shot screws can be inserted directly into the roofing material without multiple drill attachments. This leads us to one of the biggest benefits – installation. 

Fast installation

Reducing installation time, one-shot screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling pilot holes. In comparison to traditional screws, this self-drilling feature creates a faster and more efficient installation process.

When a Polycarbonate roof is being installed, screws can be driven directly into the sheet without the stress of switching between multiple drilling attachments or screwing tools! In this case, installation is streamlined for both DIYers and professionals alike. 


Less risk of cracking

One of the major issues with the traditional process of pre-drilling pilot holes was the risk of cracking or damaging the polycarbonate sheeting, especially when it isn’t done correctly. Because one-shot screws are designed to create precise holes, this reduces the risk of damaging the sheet material.


Improved waterproofing

As one-shot screws come with integrated domed sealing washers or gaskets, this creates a watertight seal between the screw head and polycarbonate sheet. In practical terms, they easily prevent leaks, help with water infiltration, and prevent water damage to structures beneath the roof.


Clean appearance

With low-profile heads that sit flush with the surface of the polycarbonate roofing, this provides a cleaner and aesthetically-pleasing appearance in comparison to traditional screws with bulkier heads.


Improved durability

Made from corrosive-resistant materials such as coated steel or stainless steel, one-shot screws last for the long term. They can resist rust and degradation even in outdoor environments exposed to sunlight, heavy rain, winds, and hailstones.


At Roofing Options, we offer a range of one-shot screws that are specifically designed for polycarbonate sheeting. Providing several advantages that make them the ideal choice for your roofing project, we deliver accessories and roofing supplies to Berwick, Dandenong, Carrum Downs, and even Reservoir areas. 


Types of Secure One-Shot Screws 

If you aim to save time, one-shot screws are available in many types and sizes. The one you choose depends on your roofing material and sheeting size, but what type of screws are best for your project?


Solasafe One Shots T17 12x50mm

As a one-step installation, these one-shot screws are the perfect solution in terms of style, innovation, and strength. Australian-made, lock-down polycarbonate sheeting with a 12x50mm versatile size, a modern appearance, superior light transmission, energy efficiency, and suitability for residential and commercial uses.

Prevent the buckling of sheeting with a unique hole cutter that can cut a precise clearance hold. Suitable for use with treated timber and corrugated roofing types.

Pack sizes come in 12g x 50mm and 12g x  65 in 50 packs or tubs of 250.


Sunsky One Shots SDS 60mm

Providing hassle-free roofing solutions with a one-step installation, Sunsky One Shot is a polycarbonate sheeting screw that is reliable and high quality; the oversized hole allows expansion and contraction during temperature changes. Your sheeting won’t break or bend!

Suitable to use with 0.504.5mm thick steel, Sunsky one-shot screws support corrugated and square rib roof profiles. These screws are also Class 4 Mechanically Galvanised as per AS3566.2, available in 12g x 60mm in packs of 50 or tubs of 250.


Laserlite Vortex Polycut 12x50mm

Made in Australia, the Vortex Polycut drills, cuts, seals, and finishes with all-in-one action! Strong, durable, and with energy efficiency and light transmission, these screws make sheeting easy to install and maintain, both for commercial and residential properties.

Save up to 50% of installation time with its fine tooth hole saw cutter, vortex point for fastening timber or metal, and polycarbonate seal for a watertight seal.

Pack sizes come in 12g x 50mm packs of 50, tubs of 250, or boxes of 500.


Other Types of One Shot Screws

One-shot screws don’t just benefit polycarbonate sheets such as Laserlite 2000 or Laserlite 3000. There are dozens of ways to use them! 


Self-drilling screws

Featuring a pointed drill bit at the tip and self-drilling screws cut through the material as they are drilled in. Versatile for many roofing projects, they can be used for plastic, wood, and metal.

Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws have a sharp, threaded point that cuts into the material as it is screwed in. Similar to self-drilling screws, they are commonly used with softer materials such as wood or plastic.

Metal roofing screws

Designed for attaching metal roofing panels to structural supports, a metal roofing fastener provides a self-drilling or tapping feature, along with a variety of screw heads for different installation requirements.

Wood to metal screws

In comparison to a metal-to-metal screw, these screws are engineered to fasten wood materials to metal securely. With a sharp self-drilling point, wood-to-metal screws feature threads to grip both wood and metal substrates.

Concrete screws

Fastening materials to concrete or masonry surfaces, concrete screws often feature a hardened steel construction. The tread pattern is designed to anchor hard materials together.

Drywall screws

Their fine thread pattern and bugle-shaped head are designed.

One Shot Screws – Specifications

What are some of the features of one-shot screws, and how does this quicken the installation of screw holes for your new polycarbonate sheeting?


Steel one shot fixing

A steel one shot fixing screw has a Laserlite Weather Seal, an Expansion Hole Cutter, and supports corrugated, 5-Rib, and Greca roofing types.

60mm in length, these fixings are coated to  AS 3566 Class 4, 12 gauge, 14 threads per inch, hex head, suitable for battens with a 0.75mm to 4.5mm thickness. Able to cut an 11mm nominal expansion hole, they can be used at a drill speed of 2000 rpm and with a 5/16″ drive. 


Timber one shot fixing

With a length from 50mm to 65mm, timber one-shot fixings have a Laserlite Weather Seal and Expansion Hole Cutter and can be used for Greca, corrugated, and 5-rib roofing types.

These fixings are coated to AS 3566 Class 4, 12 gauge, 11 threads per inch, and suitable for use with treated timber and a 5/16″ drive. This Hex Head cuts an 11mm nominal expansion hole. Screws can be used as a drill speed of 1000rpm.

Want to learn more about polycarbonate sheeting and how to quicken your next project? Whether you’re keen on using stainless steel screws, metal to wood screws or just need a guide, take a look at the advantages of polycarbonate roofing sheets.


The One Shot Laserlite Fixing System

What is the one-shot fixing system? With one step, one tool, easy installation and a professional finish, Laserlite One Shot fasteners drill through steel or timber patterns battens in one easy action, with zero-pre-drilling needed. With this in mind, how can it be installed?


  1. Firmly place the sharp point-expansion hole cutter- of the one-shot fixing onto the corrugation crest. This will eliminate skidding or wandering.
  2. Commence drilling at 1000rpm to piece the sheet, as the screw engages in timber batten.
  3. The cutter must engage the polycarbonate sheet, cutting the expansion hole and centring the fixing.
  4. Wait until the rubber weather seal engages and compresses against the roof sheet and under the fixing- the timber purlin- head to stop.


For roofing installation over 3m in height or cyclonic regions, contact your nearest Laserlite supplier for special instructions.

Always exercise caution when working on a roof. Use walking boards along purlins or battens, and never walk directly on the sheeting. Wear safety glasses or goggles when operating cutting tools or drills.


Get Reliable Roofing Supplies in Melbourne

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a well-installed, secured polycarbonate roofing system? At Roofing Options, we supply everything you need.

Whether you’re a builder, contractor, homeowner, or DIY enthusiast looking for Sunlite Twinwall Polycarb, Suntuf EZ Glaze Polycarb, Suntuf Beehive or something more specific, contact us today for specialist advice or a quote. Pick up or request delivery of your new roofing solution from our Coburg, Campbellfield, or Cranbourne stores today. 

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