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Opal: The Best Laserlite 2000 Colour for Light and Heat Transmission!


Let’s discuss the benefits of choosing Opal for your next polycarbonate roofing project. In polycarbonate terms, Opal could be described as a stark white colour that perfectly balances light and heat transmission. It allows ample light to transmit while blocking a significant amount of heat but is not transparent, meaning you cannot see through the sheet itself.

Understanding Laserlite 2000 


Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate roofing is a high-quality polycarbonate roofing material widely used to roof pergolas, carports and outdoor spaces in residential and commercial settings. It is known for its durability, flexibility & being a lightweight roofing material with excellent light transmission properties. 


The Importance of Light Transmission 


Natural light is a valuable resource that enhances our well-being and creates a warm, inviting ambience in our homes. When choosing a Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate colour, it’s essential to consider the amount of light transmission you desire. Some individuals prefer bright and vibrant spaces, while others appreciate a more subdued atmosphere. The good news is that Opal strikes the perfect balance by allowing ample light to transmit through while softening the intensity, creating a diffused glow that brightens up your living areas. 

Controlling Heat Transmission 


While natural light is essential, excessive heat can be a concern, particularly in warmer climates or during the scorching summer months. Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate colours are crucial in managing heat transmission, ensuring your living space remains comfortable throughout the year. Opal is an exceptional choice for those seeking a solution that minimizes heat gain. Blocking a significant amount of heat helps maintain a cooler environment while allowing natural light to flood in. 


The Benefits of Opal 


With its milky appearance, Opal is the perfect Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate colour for homeowners who desire excellent light and heat transmission properties.  

Here’s why Opal is a fantastic option: 

  • Optimal Light Diffusion: Opal panels diffuse light evenly, reducing glare and creating a soft, gentle illumination. This even light distribution helps minimize harsh shadows and creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Superior Heat Reflection: Opal panels effectively reflect a considerable amount of heat, reducing the load on your cooling systems and contributing to a more energy-efficient home. This can result in savings on your energy bills, especially during the warmer months. Opal will also provide greater comfort for those under its protection.
  • UV Protection: Laserlite 2000 Opal panels offer excellent UV protection, safeguarding your family and furniture from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This helps prevent fading and damage to your interior furnishings and flooring. 

Choosing the right Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate roofing colour is crucial for balancing light and heat transmission in your living space. Opal emerges as the clear winner, allowing ample light to transmit while effectively blocking a significant amount of heat. With its superior light diffusion, heat reflection capabilities, and UV protection, Opal panels offer the best of both worlds. 

Visit any ROC store today, and let our knowledgeable team assist you in selecting the perfect Laserlite 2000 polycarbonate roofing product for your next home improvement project. 

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