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Gardening Made Easy With Colorbond Steel Raised Garden Beds

Ready-made Colorbond Steel Raised Garden Beds to make gardening easy for everyone from first-timers to seasoned gardeners.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, maintaining a well-kept, flourishing garden is hard work. Spending long hours digging and weeding can be especially hard on your knees and back.

But the trending popularity for corrugated steel raised garden beds makes it easier than ever to create and maintain a herb and veggie or flower garden no matter how large or small a space you have.

The great thing about the Colorbond ready-made raised garden bed kits is that they are simple to install and you can create a garden in no time at all.

Before you get started on creating a raised garden bed, a little pre-planning is required to ensure smooth installation and a thriving garden.


Here are six things to consider before starting a raised garden bed:

  1. Think about how much space you have. Whether you have a small balcony or a large yard the size of your space will determine the style and size of your raised garden bed.

  2. Make sure the space gets lots of sunshine for healthy plant growth.

  3. Decide on the type of plants you want to grow. Herbs, vegetables, fruit, shrubs and flowers can easily grow in a raised garden bed. It all depends on whether you want an edible garden or simply to beautify an empty space with green foliage or flowers.

  4. Plan how your plants will sit in your garden bed. You don’t want delicate herbs and small plants to be overshadowed by tall plants. Also, some vegetables like tomatoes and pumpkins have deeper roots and will need more soil than other veggies.

  5. When choosing a steel raised garden bed kit, take into consideration your existing house and landscaping design and choose a colour to match or complement your home or garden. Colorbond raised garden beds are available in a range of designer colours that won’t peel or crack.

  6. Depending on the space available, consider the shape of the garden bed and how it will fit and look in your garden. There are a variety of styles available – round that suits larger areas, slimline, half slimline which is great for along a wall and modular is perfect for a terrace balcony or patio.
Follow these six steps and you’ll be well prepared to create a flourishing raised garden bed that’s easy to maintain and will bring you lots of joy and satisfaction.

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