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Spring is just around the corner

It might seem odd to think so, given that we are on the doorstep of Winter, but September comes around very quickly.  And given the ideal weather in Spring, September, October and November are considered the best months for home renovations and improvements in Australia.  But don’t wait until builders and tradies start filling up their calendars for the sunny months, start thinking about replacing your wearing pergola roof today.

One brand to consider for polycarbonate roofing is Laserlite.  Since its inception, the name Laserlite has become synonymous with Polycarbonate roofing in Australia.  Polycarbonate Laserlite roofing provides an attractive and functional solution for outdoor roofing.  Whether you are seeking shelter from rain and hail or protection from UV rays (while still allowing light through), Laserlite polycarbonate roofing contains patented technologies that suit these purposes.

Both the Laserlite 2000 and Laserlite 3000 ranges are available in corrugated and greca profiles.  The Laserlite 2000 range also comes in a 5-rib profile.

The Laserlite 2000 range contains the colours Clear, Opal, Cream, Bronze Tint and Grey Tint, whereas the Laserlite 3000 colour range has a more metallic feel, coming in Platinum, Frost and Gun Metal.  Deciding on the colour comes down to the desired look and the function you require.

Whether you are considering the traditional Laserlite 2000 range or the more advanced Laserlite 3000, there are plenty of reasons to choose either.


Reasons to Choose Laserlite

  • A robust colour and profile range design to cater to differing light and heat requirements
  • Up to 69% Heat Reduction
  • Up to 93% light transmission
  • 99.9% protection form UV rays
  • Lifetime Platinum warranty
  • Protection from rain and hail

Further to this, the Laserlite 3000 range contains Comfort Cool Technology that further reflects heat away, keeping you cool underneath, while still allowing visible light through to brighten up your space and maintain your outdoor feel.

Roofing Options Centre can supply Laserlite 2000 and Laserlite 3000 sheets, cut to length, up to 9 meters long.

The range of Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing is available online via our website.

Don’t wait for Spring to start scrambling to spruce up your pergola for that perfect Grand Final day barbeque. Contact Us today.


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