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Sunglaze Polycarbonate Roof Systems – Features and Benefits

Sunglaze Polycarbonate

Manufactured by Palram, Sunglaze Polycarbonate is a great option for both professional builders and DIY projects. If you’re thinking about remodelling your outdoor patio, this is a gorgeous choice and one of the best ways to add a traditional glass look to your property. 

Smart, elegant and versatile, Sunglaze is a solid panel sheet that has a ‘glass-like’ appearance, while still maintaining the strength and lightweight feel of Polycarbonate. Despite its smooth glass finish, this style is remarkably tough and UV-resistant.

Suitable for projects big and small, this is the ultimate material for anyone who prefers a standing seam architectural polycarbonate roofing system. From features to benefits, this article will dive into everything you need to know about Sunglaze Polycarbonate Roof Systems.


What is Polycarbonate?


Polycarbonate roofing panels are made from strong translucent plastic that comes in a wide variety of different colours, sizes, and levels of thickness. A Polycarbonate roofing system is 30 times the strength of acrylic and 250 times as much impact resistance as glass. 

This strength has made it a popular choice for Aussie homeowners who need coverage for outdoor areas. Another driver of this popularity is its excellent level of UV resistance. In fact, Polycarbonate is designed to reduce the sun’s heat by up to 69% during the height of summer.

Additionally, Polycarbonate can block wind, hail, or rain, all while avoiding discolouration over time. If cared for properly, these roofing panels typically last for up to 25 years!


The Benefits of Sunglaze Polycarbonate


Strong and able to span great distances, Sunglaze is a visually stunning option that is suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. There are many benefits to a Sunglaze roof, and it goes well beyond the sleek modern appearance.

  • The standing seam joins together to make it a leak-proof roofing option. When it rains, there’s no need to stress about water seeping through!
  • The system is solid and comprehensive. It is unlikely to break under pressure.
  • Sunglaze involves caulking and silicone-free installation, which is fast, easy, and safe.
  • Sunglaze requires minimal maintenance moving forward.

Balancing energy efficiency, functionality, and clear view that homeowners strive to achieve, Sunglaze is made with Polycarbonate sheets and anodised aluminium profiles. This offers excellent protection from Australian weather conditions, as the roof filters heat and light from the sun. 

As a bonus, Palram products even include exclusive dual surface UV2 protection that is essential for installations over your pool and spa areas!

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Types of Sunglaze Polycarbonate Roof Systems


There are different types of Sunglaze roofs to suit various purposes. Here are some of the most common types of roofing systems!


Curved Designs


Sunglaze Polycarbonate roof systems with curved designs are perfect for creating an eye-catching architectural feature. You can easily add a touch of modernity and elegance to covered walkways, entry canopies, or building extensions.

Flat Roof Panels


As one of the most popular choices, a flat roof panel is practical for patio covers, carports, and greenhouse roofs and provides essential protection from the elements.

Gable Roof Systems


As Sunglaze panels create a classic gable roof design, you can use this for outdoor pergolas, carports, and garden sheds. This design works well for rainwater drainage.

Pyramid Roof Systems


Use Sunglaze panels to form a pyramid-like roof shape. You can choose this design for a unique look for outdoor gazebos, pavilions, and seating areas!

Dome Roof Systems


Create an eye-catching, rounded design. Choose dome roofs for skylights, garden structures, or architectural accents. 

Twin-Wall Systems


As multi-wall Polycarbonate systems with multiple layers, this is a popular option for thermal insulation in greenhouses or conservatories.

Covered Walkways


Construct your walkways with Sunglaze! When you invite friends over, they’ll stay protected from the elements and allow natural light to pass through. Sunglaze is both practical and stylish.




Features of Sunglaze Polycarbonate Roof Systems


Sunglaze has dozens of advantages for your property, but what are its most important features?


UV Resistance


Thanks to its high UV resistance, Polycarbonate panels can retain their mechanical properties and transparency. Tested under accelerated weathering conditions and equivalent to 20 years of actual field exposure, the light transparency of Sunglaze is also remarkably stable. For special orders, a dual-sided UV protection option is also a worthwhile option.


Elegant Appearance


With a glass-like look that is flat and solid, these systems are designed with the appeal of the family home in mind.


Thermal Insulation


Built to provide adequate thermal insulation with SolarSmart energy efficiency, this helps maintain comfortable temperatures during hot and cold months. Sunglaze results in a 6.5-9% energy reduction for heating in winter and air conditioning during summer. By reducing energy usage, your family can stay cool when spending time on the patio during the summer.


Solar Heat Gain


Sunglaze can support a comfortable indoor temperature able to control solar heat gain, reducing the need to rely on air conditioners! Double-sided UV protection is also an option upon special request!


Natural Light


One of the standout features of Sunglaze is its ability to allow natural light into indoor spaces. With no artificial lighting needed, this creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for your guests.





All flammability results have been verified through 3rd party results and accredited testing agencies. This includes self-ignition, smoke density, burn extent, flame or smoke spread, and the ASTM standard they meet.


Acoustic Properties


Sunglaze panel sound insulation is one of its many features. With impact resistance to sound waves, Sunglaze is an excellent material choice for cladding.


Solid Polycarbonate Sheets


Known for weather resistance, durability, and being anti-corrosive, Polycarbonate sheeting offers long-term performance and protection. As a bonus, you only need to maintain them once a year.


Anodised Aluminium Profiles


Sunglaze panels are joined with aluminium profiles– such as corners, duct, square, or round–enclosed at the ends by end closures. This helps with a safe installation process. Types of aluminium profiles can include hollow beams, square shapes, RCW profiles, and T-sections.

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Sunglaze Colours – Solar Smart Energy Efficiency


As a SolarSmart product, coloured Polycarbonate architectural tints break the traditional ratio between light and shade. Every Sunglaze colour transmits “cool light” by blocking infrared energy that causes heat build-up, reducing air conditioning costs and creating a comfortable ambience for your home. So, what range of colours can you choose, and what do they offer?

Here are five of the most popular

Clear: Light transmission is 90%, with <1% haze, 0.87 solar heat gain, and 1.00 shading coefficient.

Solar Grey: Light transmission is 20-50%, >1%, up to 65% solar heat gain, and from 0.51 to 0.75 shading coefficient. 

White Opal: Light transmission is 28%, 100% haze, 0.32 solar heat gain, and 0.37 shading coefficient. 

Solar Olympic: Light transmission is 20-50%, 20-50% haze, 0.41 to 0.63 solar heat gain, and up to 0.73 shading coefficient.

Bluish Breeze: Light transmission is 70%, 1% haze, 0.55 solar heat gain, and 0.63 shading coefficient. 

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Typical Sunglaze Applications


If you’re aiming to let natural light into areas of your home, there are many ways to incorporate Sunglaze! Once again, here’s five of your best options.


  1. Pergolas and residential patios. Sunglaze panels offer shelter from rain and UV rays and allow natural light to filter through. This creates a pleasant outdoor space for your patio or pergola.
  2. Awnings over doorways and windows. Sunglaze can create awnings over the doors and windows of your home or commercial property. Protect entrances from rain and direct sunlight while maintaining visibility. 
  3. Pool covers. Prove a protective barrier for your swimming pool. Sunglaze keeps debris out, prevents evaporation, and allows sunlight to warm the water.
  4. Courtyard roofs. Create roofing for open courtyards and atriums using Sunglaze panels. Using the space in various weather conditions is much easier while enjoying natural light roofing!
  5. Other popular applications include Sports facility roofing, service station roofing, commercial and retail roofing, open markets, service stations, and covered walkways!


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