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SUNTUF EZ-Glaze Polycarbonate: A Comprehensive Guide

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Polycarbonate (PC) has been a popular roofing choice for homeowners across Australia for some time. High-strength, resistant to impact and fractures and able to transmit light just as effectively as glass, Polycarbonate is more than meets the eye.

As a transparent thermoplastic half the weight of glass, SUNTUF is one of the world’s leading polycarbonate sheets for industrial, commercial, residential, and DIY projects. Whether you hope to achieve practical carport roofing, pergolas or gazebos, entrance canopies, awnings, skylights, or rework your patio for the summer, SUNTUF is a powerful alternative to traditional roofing options.

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to get on top of your exterior projects. Throughout this article, we’ll do a quick deep dive into the various benefits of SUNTUF EZ-Glaze and why it could be well worth your investment!


SUNTUF EZ-Glaze Polycarbonate: Features and Benefits


Before we get too deep into the specifics of the SUNTUF range, let’s start by going over some of the benefits of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate parts are produced with injection moulding, extrusion, and thermoforming, then melted and forced into a mould under high pressure to give the desired shape. The final result is a high strength glass with a remarkable ability to withstand wear and tear.


What Separates SUNTUF EZ-Glaze From Polycarbonate? 




Suntuf EZ Glaze is a new, versatile, and low maintenance polycarbonate roofing solution.  With its proprietary profiled design, it can be installed directly on to rafters without the need for intermittent purlins. By eliminating the need for purlins, Suntuf EZ Glaze also creates a stunning glass-like appearance.

Other notable features and benefits include:


  • Tough materials for all applications. SUNTUF EZ-Glaze has 20 times higher impact resistances. Polycarbonate is essentially unbreakable, with a toughness value between -20°C and 140°C.


  • Weather-proof. SUNTUF has more significant hail, snow, and wind load resistance. Doubling as water-tight structures, you don’t need to worry about those windy or rainy days!


  • Light transmittance. Thermally stable up to 135°C, Polycarbonate can transmit over 90% of direct sunlight, almost as good as glass, and SUNTUF blocks 99.9% of UV radiation. Available in various colour options, these sheets can be customised for your roofing project.


  • Electrical insulation properties. This isn’t influenced by temperature or water and is a great way to keep your outdoor areas well-insulated for guests during the cooler months.


  • Lightweight. Polycarbonate roofing reduces overall transport costs and makes installation more straightforward. This makes installation time a lot faster.


  • Chemical resistant. Polycarbonate resists chemicals such as diluted acids, alcohols, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is challenging to damage or snap Suntuf!



 Need Polycarbonate roofing supplies for your outdoor spaces? We highly recommend the all new SUNTUF EZ-Glaze collection. Once your order is made, our team can also deliver roofing supplies to Berwick, Broadmeadows, and Lalor so you can start your project now rather than later!



Why Choose SUNTUF EZ-Glaze?




There are many different types of Polycarbonate options available, so why invest in SUNTUF EZ-Glaze? Here’s a few of the key reasons.


1. It’s easy to install

A frame without purlins saves you time and money. When fastening, SUNTUF EZ-Glaze panels are screw-fixed to the supportive structure and joined by overlapping.


2. The intelligent design

With a glass-like appearance, SUNTUF is a type of polycarbonate that is low maintenance, versatile, and provides a sustainable performance.


3. High-proprietary profiled design

SUNTUF is installed over rafters with a higher loading capacity! It’s a quicker way to get things done!


4. There’s a variety of colour options

With a thickness of 3mm, choose from Bluish Breeze, Clear, and Solar Grey. Clear has 90% light transmission, 1.0 shading coefficient and 0.87 solar heat gain. 

Solar Grey has 20% light transmission, 0.51 shading coefficient, and 0.44 solar heat gain, whereas Bluish Breeze has 70% light transmission, 0.63 shading coefficient, and 0.55 solar heat gain. All in all, shading coefficient and solar heat gain depend on the colour.


5. It saves energy

If you’re using SUNTUF for industrial buildings, it can maintain high-light transmission for long periods. By transmitting natural daylight into your home, SUNTUF skylights reduce the energy consumption of electric lighting.


6. It is less flammable

SUNTUF EZ-Glaze complies with international fire standards in the field of plastic. It is unlikely to ignite, spread flames and smoke, and has a lower heat index.



Need help determining what roofing type works for your home? Contact the Roofing Options store for a personalised quote. With three stores across Melbourne, you can access SUNTUF EZ-Glaze roofing supplies everywhere from Frankston to Coburg, and Dandenong



Does SUNTUF Reduce Heat?


Yes. Especially in commercial sky lighting and adding high-quality, natural lighting to your structure. SUNTUF has been proven to be heat-reflective critical for family homes and commercial buildings. Polycarbonate is a lot safer and a long-term solution to roofing problems of the past.

SUNTUF EZ-Glaze is Australian Testing Certified (AS4256-5) and Early Fire Hazard Test Certified (tested to AS1530), with superior fire resistance under rigorous testing conditions, such as 20 minutes before the combustion is caused by fire. SUNTUF also means the European Standard: EN13501.

Due to SUNTUF having a 180°C light dispersion, it is suitable for farms, warehouses, sheds, and workshops that don’t have a power source. For more information regarding Polycarbonate roofing options, contact your local Palram distributor, such as the Roofing Options team!


SUNTUF Beehive – High-Impact Resistance


Do you want gently diffused light into your space? Like SUNTUF EZ-Glaze, the SUNTUF (BH) Beehive range is durable enough for industrial and residential use, reducing glare and maintaining light transmission with 100% diffused light, and is suitable for any project. Available in Clear, Grey, and Solar Ice, this option provides UV protection, strength impact, versatility, hail, and fire resistance. It is also 100% recyclable. 

Up to 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate, these corrugated roofing sheets are 50% more resistant to hail or impact damage than a regular corrugated sheet. They are inexpensive to build and add a fresh appearance with their embossed surface. 


Typical Applications of SUNTUF EZ-GLAZE



As well as being a simple installation process for both builder and buyer, how else can this innovative design be used? There are dozens of ways to add these glass-like sheets to your property. 


  • Verandas. Enjoy your garden by creating a shady, relaxing area, bringing the outdoors into your property. SUNTUF allows natural light to come through while keeping the weather under control. Keep the harsh heat away from your own home.
  • Pergolas and patios. As a free-standing piece in your garden. SUNTUF can help you build a character with gorgeous designs for an outdoor gathering.
  • Greenhouses. Protect fresh food from the harsh weather. SUNTUF absorbs UV rays, keeping it insulated and promoting plant growth throughout all seasons.
  • Carports. If you want to protect your investment, SUNTUF can protect your vehicle from harsh sun rays. There’s no need to worry about faded paint from the sun.
  • Roofing and skylights. Whether you want a modern entryway or a larger project, SUNTUF provides design flexibility and is easy to install.
  • Facades and curtain walls. Stronger than glass, SUNTUF protects buildings from heavy-impact vandalism and helps to save on heating and lighting costs! It’s an excellent option for building exteriors, sports venues, health or education settings, or commercial centres.
  • Glazing. If you need a lightweight option for your next big build, SUNTUF can be fabricated into various shapes, forms, and curves and is essentially unbreakable. This includes supporting covered walkways!
  • Acoustic barrier. SUNTUF provides an impact-resistant option to reduce highway, railway, or industrial noise. Unbreakable, SUNTUF can handle extreme temperatures and be left for years without maintenance.


SUNTUF EZ-Glaze Polycarbonate – Worth the Investment


SUNTUF EZ-Glaze is well worth the investment. Starting from 2mm and going up to 6mm in length, there is a guaranteed option for your home or commercial building.

With more excellent hail resistance, SUNTUF EZ-Glaze is the easy way to keep your roof looking bright, glass-like, and elegant all year round.

When considering Suntuf as an alternative, consider the size of your roof, the complexity of the installation, and whether you’d like skylights or ventilation systems. For best results, always speak to a roofing professional.

If you want to learn more about Polycarbonate instead of steel panels, have a read on how to maintain Polycarbonate roof panels. After all, Polycarbonate panels are worth looking after, however you intend to use them.


Roofing Options – Your Source for SUNTUF Polycarbonate Supplies in Melbourne


At Roofing Options, we understand the difficulties of choosing the ideal roof, especially if you want to prepare your outdoor spaces for the summer. Overall, SUNTUF has dozens of benefits, including excellent long-term savings and value for homeowners. 

With SUNTUF Polycarbonate Roofing, SUNTUF Beehive, and Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing at your disposal, we can get your home or business ready. Whether you want to keep your swimming pool covered or want transparent roofing for a service station, our team always points customers in the right direction. 

Contact us today for roofing supplies delivery or pick up from our Cranbourne, Coburg, or Campbellfield stores, depending on your preferences. Wherever you are in Melbourne, we aim to make your roofing decisions more straightforward.



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