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Top 3 Polycarbonate Roof Sheet Brands

What is Polycarbonate roofing?   

Polycarbonate roofing is a type of roofing material that is highly durable and able to resist heat and provide protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. Made from a strong and resilient thermoplastic material, polycarbonate is lightweight and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it an excellent choice for various roofing applications.  


Are Polycarbonate roof sheets popular?  

Top 3 Polycarbonate Roof Sheet Brands

Polycarbonate is a prevalent roofing material because it can withstand extreme amounts of force and is nearly unbreakable. It is widely used for deck, pergola, and outdoor verandah roofing options. These lightweight sheets make them easy to transport and install almost anywhere. Polycarbonate has UV-blocking capabilities, making it an excellent choice for constructing a patio, deck awnings and sunroom roofing. Its durability also makes it ideal for building greenhouses, as it is resistant to extreme temperatures, sunlight, snow, rain, and impact. These panels can last many years without fading or discolouring and remain damage-free from various influences. Additionally, polycarbonate is an affordable option for roofing projects.  


Types of Polycarbonate roof sheets  

A vast selection of polycarbonate sheets is available, and we supply all three Major Brands such as Laserlite, Palram Sunsky and Ampelite. All three brands offer various colours and performance levels of budget and premium Polycarbonate roofing sheets.  


1. Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing  

The Laserlite Polycarbonate range comprises two styles – Laserlite 2000 for reliable performance and Laserlite 3000 for optimum comfort. All Laserlite products prioritise comfort and safety for outdoor living by reducing glare and safeguarding against 99.9% harmful UV rays. Laserlite 3000 can decrease the sun’s warming effect by up to 69%, making it an ideal choice for hot Australian conditions. You can choose various colours to balance light and heat transmissions that fit your requirements. Laserlite offers a limited lifetime Gold or Platinum Warranty.  

2. SunSky Polycarbonate Roofing  

There are two different styles of Sunsky Polycarbonate sheets available: Sunsky 2001 & Sunsky 3001. For a more cost-effective solution, choose the Sunsky 2001 range. If you’re looking to reduce heat, go for Sunsky 3001. This range reflects more radiation across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum, not just the visible light portion, which makes it cooler.  

All Sunsky Polycarbonate sheets come with a warranty and provide 99.9% UV protection, so you can enjoy your outdoor areas without worrying about getting burnt in the harsh Australian sun.  


3. Ampelite Solasafe Polycarbonate Roofing  

Ampelite Polycarbonate Roofing is made from high-quality polycarbonate material. Solasafe Polycarbonate roofing sheets offer superior strength and impact resistance, making them ideal for use in various residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Its product range Ampelite Solasafe Level 1, Ampelite Solafrost Level 2, and Ampelite Solasafe Level 3 provide excellent light transmission, allowing natural light to filter through and brighten up any space. Plus, its UV-resistant coating helps protect against fading and yellowing over time.  

Due to their UV-blocking capabilities and affordability, Laserlite, Palram Sunsky, and Ampelite polycarbonate roof sheets are popular roofing options for outdoor living areas such as decks, pergolas, and verandahs. Each brand provides warranties and UV protection, with Laserlite prioritising comfort and safety, Sunsky offering cost-effective and heat-reducing options, and Ampelite providing superior strength and impact resistance.  


Whether you’re looking for durability, UV protection, or heat resistance, we will have the right polycarbonate roofing product to suit your needs.   

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