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Trimdeck: 5-Rib Roofing

If you’ve ever considered installing a metal roof or building a shed, you’ve probably been directed toward several different websites, pamphlets, and publications about Corrugated roofing and its benefits.  It’s understandable, given the long and successful history of Corrugated Roofing iron has had as both a roof and wall cladding material.

But did you know you had another option that provides a little more flexibility when compared to Corrugated roofing?

It’s called Trimdeck or 5-Rib Roofing.

Like Corrugated Roofing iron, Trimdeck roof sheets are roll formed out of .42BMT thickness metal sheeting as standard but are also available in a thicker .48BMT.

The profile of a Trimdeck roof sheet is almost double the height of a Corrugated roof sheet which allows Trimdeck roofing sheets to be installed on lower-pitched roof lines.  Trimdeck roof sheets can be installed on roof pitches as low as 2 degrees, ideally suited to Carports or Garage roof spaces.

The Trimdeck profile is a square fluted design, offering a more contemporary appearance than the classic Corrugated “S-Rib” design.  However, the benefits of Trimdeck aren’t just limited to its look.  Beyond just its style, there are a few more reasons why an increasing number of people are now using Trimdeck.


5-Rib Roofing
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These reasons include:

  • High strength to weight ratio – a Trimdeck sheet profile design allows for a lower minimum pitch than a Corrugated sheet. Trimdeck can handle a roof pitch as low as 2 degrees vs a Corrugated sheet which has a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees
  • Optimal load span consistency – the coverage of a Trimdeck sheet is the same as that of a Corrugated sheet (.762); however, the design of the Trimdeck profile allows to span a further distance between purlins (up to 20%) more
  • Effective Drainage – Trimdeck roof sheets effectively drain water from your structure, keeping you safe and dry

Like Corrugated sheets, Trimdeck can be cut to length according to your requirements and is available in ZINCALUME® and the entire COLORBOND® colour range.  Selling at the same retail price as Corrugatedroof sheets, Trimdeck is suitable for walls, sheds, garages, carports, awnings, verandas, kit homes, and commercial buildings.

Trimdeck is worth considering for your next project, especially if your roofline is almost flat!

For more information, contact the friendly team at Roofing Options Centre today.


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