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Why Use Polycarbonate in Building and Construction

What makes polycarbonate a valuable material in building and construction?   


Polycarbonate, a material commonly utilised in greenhouse and roof construction, has evolved into a contemporary material with numerous advantages. Apart from its potential to enhance the visual appeal of projects such as those mentioned, polycarbonate possesses various characteristics that could account for its growing popularity among architects.   


Here are five advantages of using polycarbonate roofing on your project.  


1. Lightweight   

Polycarbonate has a density of 1200kg/m3, less than half the weight of glass, making it an excellent option for structural design, reducing the dead weight loading from cladding or roofing elements. Additionally, its lightweight property makes handling more accessible and safer during transportation, lifting, and installation.  


2. Resistant to Impact and Damage   

Polycarbonate roofing sheets offer higher resistance to impact than glass, making them a suitable option for transportation, handling, and installation. Moreover, unlike glass or acrylic products, polycarbonate is more resistant to hail, falling objects, and other such elements. This benefit can help reduce maintenance and repair costs over the lifespan of your roof.  


3. Good Insulator   

Polycarbonate’s thermal insulation properties make it an increasingly popular choice for cladding and roofing. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets create additional air pockets around the building, improving its thermal performance. Additionally, it is an excellent noise insulator, often used as an acoustic barrier on busy roads, construction sites, or railway lines.   


4. Diffused light transmission  

Although it may seem like an obvious benefit, there are still misconceptions about the ability of polycarbonate to transmit light. Some people may associate it with yellowing plastic or hazing, which has traditionally been a problem for general fibreglass roofing but not polycarbonate. Polycarbonate can transmit similar amounts of light as glass and much more than general fibreglass roofing. It can even be as transparent as glass, while fibreglass roofing only translucent and does not provide a clear view.  


5. Vast colour range  

Polycarbonate roofing is available in various colours, from the traditional clear through to Cream or Diffused Ice. All colours hold different performance characteristics, so when you find the right colours for your project’s palette, check that the polycarbonate roof sheet’s performance suits your needs.  


Our entire range of polycarbonate roofing provides 99.9% UV protection to prevent potential damage from UV radiation, thus prolonging its lifespan. Recent advancements include special coatings and tints that reflect infrared radiation outward to reduce solar heat gain while allowing natural light to pass through.   


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