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Why Choose Colorbond Guttering?

Colorbond Guttering

Whether you want to increase property value or reduce maintenance, there are countless reasons to consider Colorbond.

Made by BlueScope Steel, Colorbond roofs and gutters have been a staple of Australian homes for many decades. When compared to traditional forms of roofing, Colorbond gutters combine versatility with a superior steel exterior that offers the perfect level of protection for Australian conditions.

Durable, strong and beautiful, brand-new guttering can also guard your roof against damage and keep your home in excellent condition.

So, why are more and more Australians investing in Colorbond? Throughout this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know.


What is Colorbond Guttering?

If you want to reduce the need for constant cleaning and maintenance, Colorbond roofing supplies are definitely a convenient option. First off, Colorbond steel has incredible structural integrity. Unlike uncoated metal that can rust or degrade from wear, these supplies are manufactured and coated with stainless steel, zinc, or aluminium for added protection. 

How are they manufactured? Colorbond is powder-coated with a steel base, then given a unique coat of colour, and finally, a thin resin to create a polished look. Even when it’s exposed to the elements, Colorbond guttering won’t peel or crack. This is because they are built to maintain their steel finish for decades and decades. 

Today, Colorbond gutters are available in a wide variety of different sizes, colours and styles. Some of the popular styles include Quad, Feature, O-GEE, Fascia, and Roundline.


Grades of Colorbond Guttering


Colorbond Guttering #2


Quick to install, practical, lightweight, and sturdy, homeowners often look to Colorbond guttering for flexible design options and aesthetics. However, selecting the right grade is another crucial decision that you’ll have to make.

The one you choose will depend on your budget, environment, and professional recommendations.


Colorbond Steel. As the most common Colorbond roofing type, it is coated in zinc-aluminium alloy. Resistant to corrosion, strong, and versatile in style and colour, it is a great choice if you live more than 500 metres away from the ocean or an industrial area. Colorbond steel also offers a larger product range compared to higher-grade varieties, such as fencing and garage doors.

Colorbond Ultra. With the benefits of standard Colorbond steel, this steel roof sheeting can provide more durability within 100-200 metres of industrial emissions or a bay. These environments are known as surf or an area exposed to ocean spray. Salt water is corrosive to steel, so Colorbond Ultra is treated to prevent rusting and peeling. 

Colorbond Metallic. If the aim is aesthetics for facades or wall cladding, Colorbond Metallic offers a stunning finish to a home exterior. Supporting bold home designs, this grade spans a range of colours such as Rhea, Cosmic, Galactic, Aries, and Astro.



Five Layers of Protection

Gutters are one of the first points of protection for your overall roofing structure, which is why it’s important to invest in steel that will last. This is also very relevant to homes in Melbourne, where the weather can change at the drop of a hat.

Tested in harsh Australian conditions, Colorbond steel has been a reliable roofing material for over 50 years. In addition, their products are manufactured according to strict Australian standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728). 

So, what are the five layers of protection? As you’ll see, it is much more than ‘paint on steel’.

A steel base: Manufactured to suit Australian standards, this base adheres to the requirements for strength and grade.

Metallic coating: BlueScope steel’s coating includes Activate® technology to stop the steel from corroding.

A pre-treatment layer: This layer is applied to the previous coating, which can boost the adhesion of additional layers.

A primer: An inhibitive primer that is baked onto the surface.

A topcoat: Specially formulated, this coat is an exterior-grade paint that is baked, providing resistance to blistering, flaking, and chipping.

So, if you want to protect your downpipes, and increase property value at the same time, Colorbond guttering makes perfect sense.


Colorbond Guttering #3


The Major Benefits of Colorbond Guttering


Brand-new Colorbond steel roofing provides many benefits for your home. Let’s explore 7 of the major reasons why we recommend them for Australian homes and businesses.

1. A Wide Range of Colours and Styles


Do you have a Corrugated, Trim Deck, Klip-Lok, or Tiled roof? With 22 colour options, Colorbond gutters make it easy to mix and match it with your existing design and décor. 

This includes options designed to suit everything from modern to traditional, Victorian, contemporary, and heritage. With a sleek, smooth finish, you can also aim for a clean, contemporary look that will stay vibrant for many years to come.

There are a variety of colours available, including Monument, Jasper, Basalt, Surfmist, Paperbark, Cream, Manor Red, and Woodland Grey. It’s also a good idea to match your roof with other homes close by as this can increase your property’s value.


2. Lightweight and Low-maintenance


Many gutters are exposed to dirt, debris, and various other day-to-day abrasives. Luckily, Colorbond gutters are renowned for being tough and low maintenance. This level of durability starts at the testing phase, where the steel undergoes a series of checks and tests.

In most cases, Colorbond steel only needs maintenance every 6 months, which can be achieved by washing it with fresh water. This also makes it more low maintenance than other options on the Australian market. When compared to tiles, coated zinc, aluminium, and steel don’t need regular maintenance, replacements, cleaning, or upgrades.

As a super lightweight material, Colorbond steel can be installed quickly and doesn’t change in weight when exposed to heavy rainfall. This is a major advantage and selling point for many homeowners and builders alike. 


3. Well Suited to Commercial Buildings


Colorbond roofing supplies are a great option for commercial buildings. They can be used to create a modern appearance for added value, and even help to save on heating costs. Likewise, Colorbond roof sheets are trusted and used by many roofing professionals across Australia. 

Colorbond metal is lightweight and costs less to ship and deliver, making it an excellent choice for businesses with a tight budget for renovation/construction.

If you’re keen on Colorbond, we have gutters and fascia available online and three stores across Melbourne.


4. Sustainable and Thermal Efficient


Colorbond steel roofing and guttering is both long-lasting and eco-friendly. In fact, thanks to new technology, the steel used is both 100% recyclable and thermal efficient. Another strength is the improved insulation that can be achieved with Thermatech solar reflective technology. 

As a bonus, there’s no need to rely on a heating and cooling system inside your home. Why? Because Colorbond qualifies as solar reflective roofing. All colour varieties come with solar reflective technology that keeps your home cooler and your energy bills lower.


5. Corrosion Resistance With BlueScope


BlueScope’s steel coating is corrosion-resistant and well suited to a wide range of different weather conditions. Without the proper corrosion resistance, many gutters are susceptible to rust and tend to deteriorate over time.

What are the specific advantages of Colorbond? After the base steel coat, a metallic coating is added, making it resilient, unable to erode over time, and doesn’t require repainting or resealing. 

If you’re looking to invest in corrosion-resistant guttering, consider a Quad 115mm Gutter, Roundline Gutter, Feature Gutter, or the OG 125mm Gutter


6. Built To Withstand The Elements


As many Australian homes can be put at risk due to bushfires in the summer, Colorbond gutter supplies across Melbourne are strong enough to protect your home against fire damage. Colorbond steel gutters are also built to handle the uncontrollable Australian weather, such as the blistering heat, extreme winds and various other climatic conditions. 

According to a CSIRO report, Colorbond guttering (or pre-painted and metallic-coated sheet steel) performed best under all exposure conditions, especially when faced with a 30-minute flame immersion test. Importantly, Colorbond structures are also non-combustible. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about potential replacements.


7. Backed by a Blue Scope Warranty


When you invest in Colorbond’s steel gutters, there are many warranty plans provided by BlueScope. While these warranties vary in length and level of coverage, they are a great way to safeguard your investment. For example, if your property is hit by an unexpected weather event, you will be covered under the warranty.

While your Colorbond guttering should hold up well over time, warranty-backed products are always a safe bet.


Colorbond Ultra Specifications


Colorbond Guttering #4


If you live on or near the coast, choosing the right material will help with comfort, safety, and durability. Colorbond Ultra is known for its lifelong performance and excellent weather resistance.

Pre-painted in three layers of zinc, aluminium, and magnesium alloy, Colorbond Ultra is thicker and includes an inner steel layer covered by conversion coating, an inhibiting primer that prevents corrosion, and a finishing coat on both sides.

Metal needs to be directly exposed to salt water or salty ocean air in order to become corroded, and Colorbond Ultra steel has a protective inner steel layer that stops this exposure. This grade of Colorbond also includes fire protection. 

How Is Colorbond Tested?

Australian homes face various weather extremes, and Colorbond steel undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand these climate challenges. Generally, Colorbond products are tested for corrosion resistance, durability, application, and outdoor exposure.

 Here are the two major forms of testing that occur:


Outdoor testing

Colorbond steel products aren’t just sold to the public without thorough testing! They are carefully assessed in various colours and extreme weather, such as high humidity, scorching heat, and heavy rain. As the Aussie climate can often be unpredictable, these roofing sheets are assessed for wear and tear in locations such as sea regions, hot, dusty deserts, and cities with pollution. 


Laboratory testing

With testing in a lab that mimics an outdoor environment, Colorbond steel is looked at for durability and corrosion. Colorbond is proven to provide you with peace of mind, whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current one. Likewise, an accelerated testing process can prove the life of Colorbond in your home.

Experienced Colorbond Gutter Suppliers in Melbourne


Want a guttering system that will stand the test of time? It could be time to make the switch to Colorbond. 

At Roofing Options, we stock Colorbond supplies in a wide range of colours, styles and specifications. Whether you’re looking for gutters and metal fascia, Colorbond downpipes and accessories, or custom-made flashings, we supply a great range of affordable accessories and add-ons. 

Visit one of our stores, order online, or contact us to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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