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Why SUNLITE Twin-wall polycarbonate is more popular than glass?

Sunlite Twin-wall polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material commonly used in various applications, including roofing, cladding, skylights, dividing walls and sound barriers. It comprises two layers of polycarbonate material connected by a series of vertical ribs, creating a series of air pockets or “cells” between the layers. This design provides several benefits, including improved insulation, increased strength, and impact resistance, and reduced weight. Sunlite Twin-wall polycarbonate is highly resistant to UV radiation and can withstand various temperatures, making it suitable for use in hot and cold climates. It is also available in multiple colours and performance levels, allowing it to be customized to meet the specific needs of different applications. 

Why Sunlite Twin-Wall polycarbonate is more popular than glass:

  1. Sunlite offers exceptional thermal insulation, making it an ideal choice for applications where energy efficiency is a concern. The twin-wall design of Sunlite panels creates an insulating air pocket that reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

  2. Sunlite Twinwall has its own unique waterproof aluminium extrusion system used to install Sunlite Twinwall on your roof as cladding or a dividing wall. Using this system eliminates the need for any custom-made extrusions during installation.

  3. Sunlite Twinwall is significantly lighter than traditional glass, making it easier to handle and install. It reduces the risk of breakage during transportation and installation and can result in significant cost savings.

  4. Sunlite Twinwall has excellent rigidity and impact resistance, making it much more durable and less prone to breakage than glass.

  5. Sunlite Twinwall also boasts superior structural durability, weather resistance, and UV resistance, ensuring it will last for years without deterioration or discolouring. It blocks virtually all UV radiation, making it an excellent option for applications requiring UV protection, such as greenhouses or outdoor entertaining areas.

  6. Sunlite Twinwall is available in various stock standard colours. No special orders or extended lead times are required.

  7. Every colour offers different levels of light transmission and performance levels off the shelf, meaning you can customization your selection to suit specific aesthetic or functional requirements.

  8. Finally, Sunlite Twinwall comes with a 10-year limited warranty, providing buyers peace of mind and ensuring they get the most value for their investment.  

Overall, Sunlite Twinwall offers a range of benefits that make it a superior choice to traditional glass for many DIY applications. 

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