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Noise Tape 24mm x 3mm x 20m Roll

Noise Tape 24mm x 3mm x 20m Roll


$24.75 incl GST (per item)

Noise Tape is a must for all polycarbonate roof applications

Foam Noise Tape is used when installing polycarbonate roofing and must be placed to the top of your roof battens before fixing your polycarbonate sheets down.  The purpose of Foam Noise Tape is to reduce the crackling noise that occurs when your polycarbonate sheeting naturally expands and contracts when weather conditions fluctuate.  Noise Tape cannot be seen from the ground when looking at your roof and is very easy to install as it’s is supplied with adhesive on one side of the tape.

Product Facts
Tape Width:  24mm x 3mm
Roll Length:  20m

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