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10 Reasons to Invest in Colorbond Corrugated 0.42 Steel Roofing

In the market for brand-new roofing supplies? Whether you need something reliable for a local home, business, shed or garage, Colorbond corrugated steel roofing could be the answer. Tested and refined for over 50 years, Colorbond Steel is made in Australia for Australian homeowners.

According to this market report by IBIS World, the market size of metal roof manufacturing was $2.3bn in 2023, and its popularity in Australia continues to grow by the day. Colorbond roofing is available in a wide range of different styles, textures, and designs, each of which has its own unique set of benefits and features

Today, we will discuss one specific variation, Corrugated 0.42 Steel Roofing, available in 28 colours and can be cut to custom lengths.

Colorbond Steel: The Basics

Colorbond 0.42 Steel Roofing is far from the average. As a blend of Zincalume steel–a mix of zinc, aluminium, and silicon–this undergoes a thorough process of priming and coating to ensure durability and resistance to Australian weather conditions. 

Supplied by Bluescope Steel, its unique features, such as thermal efficiency, fire resistance, and an array of colour options, have made it a popular choice among Melbourne homeowners.

Here are the specifications for Corrugated 0.42 Steel Roofing:

  • Material – High tensile steel G550
  • Base Metal Thickness (B.M.T.) 0.42
  • Effective Cover – 762mm (width) per sheet +/- 2mm
  • Rib Height – 17mm +/- 1mm
  • Roof Pitch – min. 5 deg

Another thing that sets Colorbond steel apart is its five-layer design. The innermost layer is the steel base, engineered with strength and flexibility in mind. This is followed by a metallic coating that enhances corrosion resistance.

A thin pretreatment layer is applied to help the subsequent paint layer adhere better. The top coat is based on a specially developed paint system that provides colour and additional resistance to weathering. Lastly, the clear resin topcoat improves gloss and durability, giving Colorbond steel its signature look.

Why Invest in Colorbond Corrugated Steel Roofing?

If you live in Australia, chances are you’ve seen corrugated roofing everywhere. With its signature ridges and finish, corrugated steel roofing has become a popular alternative to tiled roofs and other traditional materials.

Look at the top reasons for choosing corrugated steel roofing for commercial or domestic applications.

1. Durability in Australian Conditions

Colorbond steel is not just any steel; it’s a product that’s been carefully tested and improved to handle all weather conditions, from intense sun to heavy rainfall.

This remarkable material benefits from a five-layer protection system, incorporating the industry-leading, corrosion-resistant Activate® technology that works against coating damage and roof penetration.

Enhanced through a process that includes pre-treatment, primer application, and a final baked-on topcoat, Colorbond steel offers durability you can rely on.

2. Comprehensive Warranty Coverage from BlueScope

Choosing Colorbond steel means more than just selecting a high-quality material for your project. It also means you’re supported by BlueScope, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers.

This support extends to some of the most comprehensive building product warranties available for eligible applicants, underlining the brand’s confidence in their product’s renowned durability. If you’re unsure about warranty details, always speak to a roofing professional in your area.

3. Environmentally Sustainable

Do you appreciate sustainable materials? Colorbond steel stands out. Each product in the Colorbond range incorporates recycled material and is fully recyclable, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

The inherent longevity of Colorbond steel products means they stay in use longer, reducing their environmental footprint and making them a conscientious choice for the planet.

4. An Appealing Steel Matt Finish

Colorbond steel’s durable Matt finish is high performing, offering a soft, diffused light appearance that adds a textured, designer appeal to any home façade.

The combination of Matt and Classic finishes provides a subtle yet striking contrast, enhancing the architectural elegance of any home style. This is a great way to increase property value if you plan to sell your home.

5. Advanced Protection for Coastal Homes

For homes in Australia’s demanding marine and industrial environments, Colorbond Ultra steel is the smart choice. This variant of Colorbond steel is designed to offer an additional layer of protection against wind pressures, so you can install corrugated roofing with absolute confidence.

If you’re a homeowner looking to combine the practical need for specialist protection with an appealing exterior, Colorbond Ultra Steel is the ideal solution. It is the smart, sustainable, and stylish choice for any construction or renovation project.

6. Range of Colours – From Pale to Deep Tones

Do you want your home to look more contemporary? Colorbond Steel introduces an extensive range of colour options for different preferences and design requirements.

With a total of 22 core colours–ranging from delicate pale hues to vibrant mid-tones and deep, sophisticated shades–Colorbond steel offers an expansive palette for homeowners and designers to explore.



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7. Premium Matt Finishes

Among these extensive colour choices, six select hues are available in a premium Matt finish. This option adds a layer that provides a sophisticated texture that diffuses light beautifully.

Whether your goal is metal roof sheeting for roofing, walling sheets, or accents like fascia, gutters, downpipes, and garage doors, the Matt finish offers a contemporary twist on traditional materials. With this in mind, why choose Colorbond guttering? How does it increase your property value and cut back maintenance?

8. Design with Confidence

Aiming for a contemporary design? Selecting the right colour scheme for your dream home is a journey of discovery with Colorbond steel. The availability of 22 core colours–complemented by the option of a Matt finish for six of these colours–can create many architectural styles.

With various steel sheets in various attractive profiles–such as curved, shaped, and traditionally straight designs–you can customise building materials with great flexibility. Choose from 20 designer metal colours, standard colours, or custom sheeting. Colorbond steel is a design statement for roofing material, walling, fascias, gutters, downpipes, and garage doors.

Incorporating Colorbond steel’s deep, bold tones–like Monument®–in a Matt finish or Ironstone® in a Classic finish can dramatically anchor a building to its natural surroundings. Create stunning visual effects by contrasting deep hues with natural materials like timber!

9. Revolutionary Cooling with Thermatech®

Looking for building solutions that work with the climate? Colorbond steel roof sheeting innovation extends to Thermatech® technology, a solution designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot, sunny days. This advanced solar reflectance technology enables Colorbond steel to minimise heat absorption and thermal expansion due to temperature fluctuations. 

The benefits of Thermatech® are most pronounced in areas subjected to the intense Australian sun, where it can significantly impact the thermal comfort of a building. By reflecting more solar heat, roofs equipped with Colorbond steel featuring Thermatech® can help maintain lower temperatures inside, ensuring a cooler living area during the scorching summer months.

10. Easy Maintenance

Thankfully, Colorbond and Zincalume Steel walling installations are simple to maintain. Regular washing with cool water, mild soap or a non-abrasive dish-washing detergent will improve the product’s service life and maintain its appearance.

These unwashed areas are sheltered from general rain washing and are not naturally rinsed off. Condensation can be absorbed by the dust and dirt build-up, but cleaning only needs to be done every 6 months or 3 months in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent. If you would like to learn more about upkeep, have a read of how to maintain polycarbonate roof panels, a comprehensive guide!

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Colorbond Steel Roofing Supplies in Melbourne – Choose Roofing Options

Whether you’re aiming for a unique colour blend with Sunglaze or Laserlite 2000 and 3000, a specific Suntuf EZ Glaze finish for a distinctive look, or want to adapt steel roof sheets to meet the demands of unusual architectural forms, Colorbond Steel provides the flexibility needed to bring any creative vision to life.

The Roofing Options team can support you with roofing, walling, fascias, gutters, downpipes, and garage door application, allowing for a coherent and integrated design aesthetic across the entire exterior of a home. 

Contact us today or visit our Cranbourne, Coburg, or Campbellfield stores for a closer inspection of our Colorbond range.

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