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Half-Round vs. Roundline Gutters: Which Is Right for You?

Both roundline and half-round gutters are a popular choice for Australian homes and businesses looking for an efficient and reliable guttering solution. However, both have their own distinctive features and differences.

Often found on Spanish or Tuscan-style homes, roundline gutters suit period homes and modern renovations and can be used with or without overflow holes. Half-round gutters are another modern system known for their great rainfall-carrying capacity and curved design that allows for easy ongoing maintenance

So, how does a half-rounded version compare to roundline gutters? This article will comprehensively compare the two, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages while helping you to make an informed decision.

What Are Guttering Systems?

When you think of a roof, you might just think of metal sheeting, such as Colorbond. However, the guttering system is entirely separate from the roofing material.


Channeling water away from your roof prevents it from pooling around your foundation and seeping into your home. Gutters also collect other materials that accumulate on your roof and direct it into the drainage.


Rainwater from gutters is channelled through a downpipe which is connected to the stormwater drain that services your property. . This protects your foundation, fixtures, fuse box, windows, and doors from water damage. 


Gutter Stop End As the end piece of a gutter, the Stop End  cap is fitted at the end of the gutter trough, secured in place by rivets and silicone to ensure a water tigth seal.


Gutter Brackets – Internal / External. These brackets are fixed to your Fascia Board and and mount the guttering to your home in a support carriage.

The guttering system’s downpipes collect water. As gutter channels collect water, rainwater is moved directly into a stormwater drainage system or over rocks or sediment to drain naturally.

Roundline Gutter

Roundline Gutter

Designed with a unique curved base that helps prevent water and dirt build-up, the round-line gutter cleans itself with every shower of rain. 

  • The gutter height is 98mm, with a width of 136mm.
  • Roundline gutters are sold per L/M and are custom-cut to your requirements.
  • This gutter is available in 100% Australian-made steel, including Colorbond and Zincalume steel.
  • It can be installed on Timber or Metal Fascia, and a comprehensive range of gutter accessories are available.
  • Available in 28 colours: Basalt, Classic Cream, Manor Red, Terrain, and Deep Ocean.

Although similar to the half-round gutter, roundline guttering has a more flattened, straight back. This creates concealed brackets for a faster, less expensive installation.

Advantages of Roundline Gutters

A roundline gutter is a classic rounded shape with a versatile, timeless look that suits many building styles. But what are its advantages? Let’s examine them.


  • Aesthetic appeal. Round-line gutters offer homeowners a modern, sleek look with a smooth, curved profile; they suit many architectural styles!
  • Easy to maintain. With a smooth design without corners or crevices, roundline gutters are easier to clean than original gutters.
  • Ease of installation. The straightforward design allows for simple fitting, which is a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. 
  • Durability. Made from steel, aluminium, or PVC, it is resistant to rust, corrosion, UV radiation, and weathering.
  • Efficient water flow. By preventing water pooling, roundline gutters create smooth water drainage, allowing rainwater to flow freely along the curves. This protects your property’s foundation, walls, and landscaping from water damage.
  • Customisable options. Choose from a collection of colours and finishes to match your home exterior. Accessories such as downpipes and gutter guards to improve your gutter system.

Disadvantages of Roundline Gutters

Compatibility. Roundline gutters may not always be compatible with specific gutter guards or accessories designed for square or rectangular gutters.


Installation challenges. Your roofline or existing infrastructure may require additional planning and effort. Proper alignment and secure attachment can be more complex.


Maintenance accessibility. If roundline gutters are installed in high or tight spaces, it can be challenging to access them for cleaning. 

Capacity. Compared to a traditional square or roundline gutter of the same size, roundline gutters can fill up faster and require more maintenance.

Half-Round Gutter

Half round Gutter

With a high rainfall-carrying capacity and being curved, the half-round gutter offers the benefits of improved self-cleaning and minimal dirt build-up. This roofing option is available in slotted and unslotted.

  • The gutter height is 98mm, with a width of 152mm.
  • The half-round gutter is sold per L/M and custom cut to your requirements.
  • This gutter is available in Colorbond and Zincalume Steel.
  • External fixing brackets only.
  • Available in 28 colours, including Night Sky, Paperbark, Surfmist, Wallaby, Woodland Grey, and more.

Advantages of Half-Round Gutters

The half-round gutter design has been a standard for centuries, especially for traditional homes with Victorian-style architecture. Let’s consider the advantages of your home or business building.


  • Less space and easy cleaning: Shaped like a semicircle, half-round gutters take up less space than other gutters. Since they don’t have sharp corners, debris cannot get stuck in them, making them easier to clean than angular gutter styles. Extension poles with brush attachments, gutter scoops, and angled brushes are inexpensive gutter-cleaning tools that clean half-round gutters!
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Lightweight, half-round guttering gives your exterior an old-world feel and was common in homes before the 1950s. However, these gutters still need to be installed by a professional.
  • Durable: The shape and construction of half-round gutters are well-suited to resist wind, impact from tree branches, and airborne debris. Well-maintained half-round gutters can last up to 40 years.
  • Easy maintenance: Half-round gutters are simple to inspect for holes or cracks and don’t collect water like box-style gutters.
  • Reduced noise: The smooth design of half-round gutters reduces noise pollution, stopping the sound of water dripping or rushing through your gutters during a storm. This provides a more peaceful environment in and outside your home.
  • Environmentally friendly: Half-round gutters are made from recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly for homeowners who want to do better for the environment. Improved water flow can also reduce soil erosion around your home.

Disadvantages of Half-Round Gutters


Half-round gutters can be more expensive due to additional materials and installation costs. Construction materials such as clips and hangers add weight to the gutter system, making it heavy and can cause sagging if not properly secured to the home exterior.


The shape and depth make them less capable of handling high volumes of water, resulting in overflowing during heavy rainfall. Because of their trough design, you may need gutter guards to control leaf debris and overflow.


As they have fewer contact points with the fascia, they don’t hold weight as well as flat-backed gutters. Gutters can also be pushed forward, which bends the fasteners. Make sure that your house can support the material! Want to learn more about gutters and how to keep them pristine? Have a read of why you should choose Colorbond guttering for your home or business property!

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Without properly maintaining your gutters and downpipes, your property can be at risk of cracked foundations, damaged landscapes or gardens, settling porches or driveways, rot, mould, damaged insulation, termite infestations, and vegetative growth in clogged gutters. Here is a quick list of maintenance tips and tricks to prevent these.

Solve clogging problems

Leaves, debris, sticks, nests, and seedlings can fill the gutters to the point that they are unable to handle water flow. Water can spill over the edges and cause costly damage to your home’s structures and electrical systems.

Adequate Slope

For efficient water drainage, the gutter should slightly slope towards the downpipes. The brackets must be positioned to maintain this slope while keeping the gutter level.

Proper placement of external brackets

External brackets need to be installed evenly along the length of the gutter. This spacing helps distribute the weight of the gutting, preventing sagging or bending under the weight of rainwater. Gutter brackets must be aligned horizontally and vertically to stay level, with a consistent slope to stop water overflow. Brackets should also be securely attached to the fascia board or roofline with appropriate screws and bolts.

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Half-Round Gutters vs. Roundline Gutters – The Verdict

What types of gutter should you choose for your roof? This depends on your roofing system, ideal guttering profiles, the material you’re looking for, your ideal appearance, ease of maintenance, and the size and shape of your home.

Always seek advice from an experienced contractor who can inspect your roof and advise you on what is best for your home. All safety rules should be followed on the WorkSafe website.

Roofing Options – Reliable Colorbond Steel Roofing in Melbourne

Are you planning to rework your current roof design but aren’t sure what guttering works best for you? Season-proof and designed for all weather conditions, our roundline and half-round gutters are an excellent choice for the curious homeowner or experienced builder.

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