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Spring Starts!

The start of Spring provides Australians with a prime climate to plant seeds that will bear fruit, vegetables, or flowers over the next four to five months.

The increased emphasis on self-reliability and sustainability in our modern age has increased the desire for many people to try their hand at being a “Green Thumb.”

There is no doubt that a nicely manicured garden adds a fantastic aesthetic feature to any outdoor space or backyard.

Unfortunately, increasingly fewer people have an outdoor area with sufficient space or suitable soil for a veggie patch. Others may not like the idea of digging up a patch of their backyard or don’t want to be on their hands and knees in dirt every time they must tend to their garden.

The solution? Raised Garden Beds.

Raised Garden Beds allow you to confine your garden within the space of an enclosed structure made of corrugated Colorbond Steel and fill it with quality soil of your choosing.

Raised Garden Beds also allow you to place your garden wherever you want without having to dig that area up for soil. Placing your garden beds directly on top of concrete or pavers is totally acceptable. We provide a range of sizing options, in four distinct shapes (Round, Slimline, Modular, and Square Slim) to ensure you are making the most of your chosen space.

Another notable feature of a Raised Garden Bed is that the soil is at around waist height, meaning no more having to be on your hands and knees when working in your garden.

Beyond all these fantastic features, Raised Garden Beds look fantastic and are sure to attract compliments from your friends and family before they ask you where you got them from so that they can get their own.


Our garden beds are manufactured onsite at our Campbellfield manufacturing plant using the same corrugated Colorbond Steel you know and trust, at a slightly increased .60bmt thickness. This includes all the popular Colorbond Steel colours like Monument, Surfmist, and Ironstone to completely complement your outdoor area.

So if you’re looking to add a garden to your outdoor area, or just want to add a bit of colour to your backyard, contact us to discuss your options today.


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