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SUNLITE Polycarbonate Roofing: The Ultimate Twin-Wall Solution

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First manufactured by Palram in 1963, polycarbonate or ‘thermoplastic sheets’ are commonplace and used in various building projects. From construction to agriculture, polycarbonate (PC) is a popular roofing material for both homeowners and professional builders across Australia. 

Today, we will highlight SUNLITE® polycarbonate – a truly unique twin-wall roofing option. SUNLITE® is flexible, lightweight, and ideal for everything from DIY skylights to DIY roofing. 

Many factors make this a leading polycarbonate option, from its thermal insulation to its resistant structure. This article will explore its features, benefits, and how to use it in the home or your commercial property. 


Key Features & Benefits of SUNLITE® Polycarbonate 


There are many reasons to consider using this polycarbonate variety, and it goes beyond the aesthetics of SUNLITE® alone. Let’s dive into them now. 


Excellent Impact Resistance


Although SUNLITE® is incredibly lightweight–4.9 kilos–it still has remarkable structural integrity. With up to 20 times more impact resistance than fibreglass, it is strong enough to handle impact from extreme temperatures and conditions. And as a Melbournian, you’ll already know how important it is to be ready for outdoor conditions!


UV Protection


Many SUNLITE® products have sun-protective properties that shield covered spaces from UV rays. Not only does this work to counter negative health effects from sun exposure, but it also makes your space more comfortable and protects your furniture from sun damage.


A Wide Range of Applications


There are dozens of ways to use polycarbonate. These include everything from extra protection for your pool to creating a gorgeous walkway, an entrance canopy, storage shed roofing, entertainment areas, or even your very own sunroom. 


Light Transmission


With high light transmission, SUNLITE® supports varied roofing such as wall cladding and glazing applications. Interior designers often use these twin-wall sheets to add a unique touch to the outdoor areas of both homes and businesses.


Thermoplastic material


Do you have a design in mind for your home or outdoor space? As a thermoplastic material, SUNLITE® can be bent or moulded to suit your design requirements. Creatively flexible, you can create exceptional architectural solutions if you’re a commercial builder.


Heat transmission


With advanced heat transmission properties, SUNLITE® protects you from extreme temperatures and contributes to an energy-efficient and comfortable relaxing space. SUNLITE® allows you to choose your ideal level of shade heat for your space. For example, White or Opal is a classic, clean option that reflects heat away but allows light to diffuse evenly through your space!


Thermal insulation


With thermal insulation superior to other roofing types, SUNLITE® can regulate the temperature of a structure. Preventing heat transfer between the exterior and the interior helps maintain a more consistent temperature.


Polycarbonate Colours


SUNLITE® has many colours, with varying benefits related to heating and cooling and UV protection. Choose from standard colours such as:

  • Clear. With 80% light transmission, 0.80 shading coefficient, and 0.80 solar gain, it’s a great option to let more light in while keeping your space cool. 
  • Bronze. This colour offers 35% light transmission, 0.64 shading coefficient, and 0.55 solar heat gain. If you want less light in your area of choice, Bronze is an ideal option.
  • Opal. This has 30% light transmission, 0.47 shading coefficient, and 0.54 solar heat gain.
  • Grey. This has 20% light transmission, 0.42 shading coefficient, and 0.37 solar heat gain.

As for solar control colours, you can pick out Solar Control Grey and Solar Ice, which have UV protection on both sides! These colour options provide more natural daylight while reflecting solar radiation, reducing sun exposure and associated harmful effects. 

SolarSmart® Technology reduces the greenhouse effect, promotes energy efficiency, and is available as an add-on to all Palram transparent polycarbonate products!



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Typical Applications of SUNLITE®




With SUNLITE® polycarbonate, builders and homeowners can use it in many ways, especially for outdoor applications. So, how can you make use of this roofing type?


Architectural roofing and glazing


Create stunning roofing designs and glazed surfaces with SUNLITE®. Having a lightweight and durable nature, you can create innovative designs. 


Skylights and sidelights


If you want to bring natural light into your interior spaces, SUNLITE® can help. With light-transmission properties, it can create a well-lit, inviting atmosphere.


Displays, signage, and decorations


SUNLITE® can be used for decorative elements such as displays, signage, or decorations for commercial or residential properties. A transparent sign is sure to help you stand out more subtly!


Industrial roofing and glazing


SUNLITE® polycarbonate sheets are durable and functional for demanding environments like warehouses and industrial settings, standing out as a reliable choice due to impact resistance and weather durability. 


Interior Décor


If you have an interior design project, SUNLITE® can be used as room dividers, accent walls and light fixtures. Thermoplastic can be used to create anything you can imagine!


Agricultural greenhouses


By providing a diffused light and handling wild weather and impact, SUNLITE® is the perfect way to support plant growth without wind, rain or hail exposure.


Covered swimming pools


When you use SUNLITE® polycarbonate sheets to cover your swimming pool, the thermoplastic creates a UV-protected and comfortable area for friends and family to gather. 



SUNLITE® Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels – Benefits and Features




SUNLITE® Twin Wall polycarbonate is lightweight and durable, perfect for roofing and glazing options such as pergolas, facades, verandas, skylights, and dozens of residential and commercial uses. 

Do you want to know more about polycarbonate? Check out the features and benefits of Sunglaze polycarbonate roof systems.


Structure and design


SUNLITE® consists of two layers of polycarbonate sheets connected by vertical walls, creating hollow chambers between them. They also feature a ribbed design, improving the structural integrity while adding insulation.


Insulation properties


Creating a thermal barrier, these panels offer improved insulation compared to single SUNLITE® polycarbonate panels. If temperature control is essential, a twin-wall option is best.


Light transmission


With diffused lighting, SUNLITE® twin-wall panels allow natural light to enter while diffusing it evenly across spaces. Reducing glare and shadows creates a comfortable environment for family and friends to enjoy.


Impact resistance 


The twin-wall structure of SUNLITE® makes it more durable than other polycarbonate types. This extra layer of durability helps it handle all weather conditions, such as hail, rain, and impact. 


Versatile applications


You can use twin-wall SUNLITE® for greenhouses, walls, or skylights. This polycarbonate is incredibly versatile and perfect for any residential or commercial building project. 


Range of colours available


Different colours are available for your design preference. Choose between lighter and darker tints to match your existing exterior décor.


UV protection for home


With a UV-protective coating, twin-wall SUNLITE® is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, preventing yellowing from sun exposure. 



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Laserlite vs SUNLITE


Although these two polycarbonate roofing options are known for weather resistance, durability, thermal insulation, and light transmission, they are different regarding sheeting design and construction.

Laserlite outperforms when it comes to UV protection; however, SUNLITE® provides superior insulation compared to Laserlite with its multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Where temperature regulation is important, SUNLITE® outshines Laserlite. 

SUNLITE® is also preferred due to its linear, clean appearance, especially for modern or minimalist designers. 

Both SUNLITE® and Laserlite are competitively priced, depending on thickness, sheet size, and unique features. When deciding what is best for you, always speak to a roofing professional who can consider your needs.


SUNLITE® Twin Wall vs Multi-Wall




There are two types of SUNLITE®: Twin wall and multi wall, and the differentiator is the number of plastic sheet layers. 

Twin wall is a lightweight, durable, and translucent plastic type. These two sheets are separated by an air gap, forming twin walls that provide excellent insulation and UV protection. The twin wall is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications! 

SUNLITE® triple wall polycarbonate sheets provide thermal insulation and sound insulation with a stronger structure. These multiple plastic layers are ideal for industrial settings like warehouses and stores. 


Get SUNLITE® Polycarbonate in Melbourne 


If you have been tossing between types of polycarbonate roofing, SUNLITE® polycarbonate roofing is worth investing in due to its strength, versatility, and longevity for homes and businesses. 

At Roofing Options, we understand the need to make your spaces feel more like home. With easy access to twin-wall polycarbonate in Melbourne, we help you create areas you will love by supplying you with the necessary materials.

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