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Laserlite 3000 Polycarbonate – A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’ve been searching for the ultimate way to stay comfortable throughout all seasons, Laserlite Polycarbonate 3000 is always a great option. Laserlite 3000 polycarbonate roofing is purpose designed for outdoor living and built for Australian conditions . 

Laserlite 3000 is the only roofing option with Comfort Cool Technology. These special properties allow up to 50% better heat reduction than a standard Polycarbonate sheet, reducing glare for maximum comfort.

So, how can these roofing sheets extend your outdoor lifestyle for the family, and what profiles and colour options are available? This article will be a comprehensive guide to a Laserlite style that could be the perfect addition to your home.


Understanding Laserlite 3000

Available in various profiles and colours, Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing has excellent tensile strength, yield stress, and impact strength. With 99.9% UV protective material, this roofing also extends the life of sheeting up to 50%, resists 25% larger hailstones,  and maintains sheet clarity and colour for up to 50% longer!

Let’s explore each of these benefits in greater detail.


UV protection

Preventing the transmission of more than 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation, Laserlite 3000 has a UV barrier that protects it from UV discolouration and degradation and remains stable under extreme climatic conditions, from -30c to +120c. 


Wind load

Suitable to use in high wind load areas, Laserlite 3000 holds its own against cyclones and cyclone-prone areas. For example, Greca and Corrugated profiles meet the requirements of AS.1170.2.2002 SAA Loading Code Part 2. 


Fire performance

Self-extinguishing, Laserlite 3000 stops flames from spreading with excellent fire resistance and heat reduction properties. Laserlite 3000 complies with fire testing, such as Heat and Smoke Release Rates (AS/NZS:3837:1998) and the Early Fire Hazard Test (AS 1530.3-1999).


Advanced Weatherguard Technology

With advanced weather guard technology, Laserlite 3000 is protected against harmful UV rays,  maintains sheet colour and clarity, and can even resist large hailstones!


Comfort Cool Technology

For outdoor gatherings with friends and family, you can experience up to 50% better heat reduction properties, performance and reduced glare.


Lifetime platinum warranty

Laserlite 3000 has a lifetime warranty, so it won’t lose its ability to transmit light! Light loss will not exceed 11% within the first 15 years, as tested in the AS/NZS 4257.4-1994.

Want to learn more about types of roofing options? Check out the advantages of Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing sheets on the Roofing Options website for a comprehensive guide! We deliver roofing supplies to Dandenong, Berwick, and Carrum Downs.


Laserlite 3000 – Exploring The Colour Spectrum

Curious about the colours on offer? A range of colours are available for comfort, but what should you choose? It ultimately depends on your ideal balance of UV and light. For example, a diffused grey colour gives adequate lighting without the heat!

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Frost Laserlite 3000 sheeting offers 47% light transmission and 63% heat production. If you prefer more light to shine through your outdoor areas, Frost is an excellent choice. 

Frost has a shading coefficient of 0.37, a Solar Heat Gain of 0.32, a U Value of 7.19, and a UV Transmittance of under 0.04.


Gun Metal

Gun Metal Laserlite 3000 sheeting provides 16% light transmission and 66% heat reduction; you can expect much less light to shine through!

Gun Metal has a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 0.34, a Solar Heat Gain of 0.29, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV transmittance of under 0.04.



Platinum Laserlite 3000 sheeting offers 18% light transmission and 69% heat reduction. 

Platinum has a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 0.31, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.27, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of under 0.04.

In terms of ultimate comfort level, all Laserlite 3000 colours are on the cooler level of comfort, ideal for summer days and to keep the cool air in and hot air out. It’s the perfect addition to a weekend barbeque.

Do you want Laserlite 3000 delivered? At Roofing Options, we deliver quality roofing supplies to Preston, Thornbury, and Reservoir areas to help you transform your property’s exterior. 

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Performance and Reliability – Laserlite 3000 vs Laserlite 2000

If you’re unfamiliar with roofing materials, it can be hard to gauge the difference between Laserlite 2000 and Laserlite 3000 range. From colour, to profile, and performance, there are many technical aspects to consider before you make a purchase. 

Below, we’ll give you expert insight into these key differences. Of course, you can always ask a roofing professional for a recommendation as well.


Laserlite 2000 Colour Range 


  • Clear. Clear has a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 1.00, a Diffuse Light Transmission of 93%, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.86, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of under 0.04. 
  • Grey. With a 19% Diffuse Light Transmission, Grey has a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 0.53, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.45, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of under 0.04.
  • Opal. With a Diffuse Light Transmission of 49%, a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 0.48, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.41, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of 0.04.
  • Cream. With a Diffuse Light Transmission of 43%, a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 0.38, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Ratio of 0.33, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of 0.04. 
  • Bronze. With a Diffuse Light Transmission of 43%, a Shading Coefficient Ratio of 38%, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Ratio of 0.33, a U Value of 7.2, and a UV Transmittance of 0.04.


Laserlite 3000 Profiles

Unlike Laserlite 2000, Laserlite 3000 has two profile options.

Corrugated. Often made from metal such as galvanised aluminium, steel, or zinc, polycarbonate corrugated (also known as Roma) Laserlite 2000 is heavily resistant to weather elements. These sheets have alternating grooves, creating a series of rivets appealing to many homeowners. Not only does this add strength, but it is critical for preventing water damage! 

Greca. Greca is made from polycarbonate thermoplastic and prevents water drainage as a corrugated roofing profile. Easily allow natural lighting to an outdoor space!


Laserlite 2000 Profiles

Compared to Laserlite 3000, Laserlite 2000 has a unique profile option for your property.

Trimdeck. With a ribbed design and raised sections, Trimdeck–or 5-rib–profiles are rigid, have wider coverage, superior water drainage, and direct water away from the centre of the sheet. They can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Often made from steel or aluminium, you can expect a strong roof with great weather resistance!

Do you want to learn about roofing maintenance and keeping your Aussie roof looking its best? Look at how to maintain polycarbonate roof panels, a comprehensive guide.


Laserlite 3000 – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Laserlite 3000 Polycarbonate come in different colours?

Yes. With Frost, Gun Metal, and Platinum options, you can choose your ideal light and heat transmission level. Use lighter polycarbonate sheeting if you want a brighter outdoor area to enjoy with friends and family.

2. Which is better, Suntuf or Laserlite?

The roofing option you choose depends on your specifications, such as design needs, weather conditions in your area, and the comfort level you want to achieve. Both options are UV and impact-resistant, although they have different light and heat transmission properties.

3. Does Laserlite 3000 offer UV protection?

Yes. Laserlite 3000 offers UV protection for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Laserlite 3000 can prevent 99.9% of UV damage. 

4. Does the Roofing Options team do custom sheet sizes?

Absolutely. Our team can cut Laserlite Polycarbonate to your ideal size at no additional cost. We can cut them into multiple pieces, and you can reduce the costs with larger sheeting and cutting to size!

5. What Laserlite 3000 lengths are available at Roofing Options?

We have a range of lengths available, including 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m, 7.2m, and 9.0m. Whatever sizing you’re looking for, we can accommodate your roofing requirements!

Quality Roofing Supplies in Melbourne – Turn to Roofing Options Today for Laserlite 3000 Polycarbonate

At Roofing Options, we understand the need for a comfortable, practical space during the Australian summer months. With both Laserlite 3000 Polycarbonate and Laserlite 2000 Polycarbonate, you can achieve ultimate comfort by keeping cool on hot days and staying warm during those colder nights.

We supply Colorbond roofing supplies, sheets, panels, custom flashing, downpipes, and a full range of DIY kits from trusted Australian manufacturers such as Polycarbonate Roofing and Palram

Whether you’re a builder, contractor, homeowner, or DIY enthusiast looking for Sunlite Twinwall Polycarb, Suntuf EZ Glaze Polycarb, Suntuf Beehive or something more specific, contact us today for specialist advice or a quote. Pick up or request delivery of your new roofing solution from our Coburg, Campbellfield, or Cranbourne stores today. 

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