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EZ Glaze – A Cheaper Alternative to Glass-like Roofing

If you want to allow natural light into your outdoor areas, glass roofing provides an essential daylight source, replacing artificial lighting, and unlike skylights made from laminated glass, polycarbonate roofing is stronger. However, with these benefits can come extra costs.

Luckily, there’s an affordable alternative–EZ Glaze.

EZ Glaze is a versatile, low-maintenance, and high-performing polycarbonate panel that allows you to capture light and retain unobstructed views. With outstanding physical properties, it comes with a sleek glass-like appearance and proprietary profiled design.

Today, we’re going to explore the intricacies of EZ Glaze polycarbonate, its benefits and features, and why it is an ideal solution to traditional glass roofing. Whether you’re a homeowner starting a home improvement project or want to rework your commercial building, EZ Glaze is a premium outdoor roofing option that surpasses the weight of glass. 

What is Polycarbonate Roofing?

Polycarbonate roofing panels are made from strong translucent plastic that comes in various colours, sizes, and levels of thickness. A Polycarbonate roofing system is 30 times the strength of acrylic and 250 times as much impact resistance as glass. 

This strength has made it a popular choice for Aussie homeowners needing outdoor coverage. Another driver of this popularity is its excellent level of UV resistance. 

Designed to reduce the sun’s heat by up to 69% during summer, this sheeting can block wind, hail, or rain, all while avoiding discolouration over time. If cared for properly, these roofing panels last up to 25 years!

Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Sheets Over Traditional Glass

More and more homeowners are making the switch to Polycarbonate. In large part, this comes down to polycarbonate’s high-performing properties and lower cost than traditional glass. Polycarbonate can also be used in construction and architecture as a practical alternative.

Let’s explore each of its core benefits now in greater detail:

Impact resistance

As polycarbonate sheeting is more impact-resistant than glass, it is virtually unbreakable and ideal for use in schools, sports facilities, or public buildings. Improving safety reduces the risk of injury.



Lighter than glass of similar thickness, polycarbonate sheeting is easier to transport, install and maintain. Reduce structural support requirements and overall construction costs.


High transparency

Although it wasn’t as transparent as glass,  polycarbonate sheets provide good clarity, allowing natural light to pass through. They are suitable for windows, skylights, or greenhouse panels.


Weather resistance

With excellent weather-resistant properties, polycarbonate is not prone to yellowing, fading, or becoming brittle when exposed to sunlight.


Thermal insulation

Providing better thermal resistance than normal glass, polycarbonate has lower thermal conductivity, maintaining indoor temperatures and cutting back energy costs for heating and cooling. This is especially useful for conservatories, greenhouses, and structures where temperature regulation is critical.


Design flexibility

Easily moulded and shaped to fit different architectural designs and applications. Polycarbonate is accessible in a variety of colours, thicknesses, and sizes. If you’re a designer, the creative possibilities are endless.


Easy installation

Simpler and faster than glass roofing, polycarbonate can be cut to size using standard tools, reducing labour costs and installation time. Being flexible, polycarbonate roofing sheets can be fit or curved into irregular-shaped spaces.

Durability. With a longer lifespan and better performance than glass, polycarbonate is resistant to scratches, chemical corrosion, and environmental degradation from wild weather.

Sound insulation. Although less effective than thicker glass, polycarbonate sheeting reduces sound transmission from outside sources such as highways or busy urban areas!

Features of EZ Glaze

Transparent, recyclable, waterproof, and easily moulded, EZ Glaze has a whole host of benefits. Along with its smart design and elegant appearance, we’ll now dive into the specific features of EZ Glaze polycarbonate


Natural light transmission

Offering the appearance of glass without the added weight, EZ Glaze is a long-term, valuable option for light transmission.

This solid polycarbonate sheet transmits cool daylight for all-day comfort with panels available in crystal clear, semi-permanent and smart colours such as Clear, Bluish Breeze and Solar Grey.


UV protection

Able to block 99.9% of UV rays, the EZ Glaze solid polycarbonate sheet not only shelters you from the elements but also includes Solar Safe technology, which creates a beautiful window to the sky.

Allow 90% of light to flood into your outdoor space without stressing about the sun’s rays! To learn more about roofing, check out how to maintain polycarbonate roof panels, a comprehensive guide!


Polycarbonate sheeting is 250 times stronger than tempered glass, and EZ Glaze complies with plastic’s most demanding international fire resistance standards. AS9705 Group 1 AS1530.3: Ignitability – 0, Spread of Flame – 0, Heat Index – 0,  and Smoke – 2.

For more information, contact your nearest Palram distributor, the global leader in thermoplastic solutions!


Impact resistance

When installing roofing, you want it stable throughout all extreme weather conditions. Garden decks or patios are constantly exposed to weather changes, and EZ Glaze allows you to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet.

With an overall sheet thickness of 3mm, EZ Glaze protects against damage from hail and other environmental impacts. The snow load is up to 400kg per m2.

With load resistance such as a wind uplift of 2.0 Kpa and a wind load of 4.0 Kpa, there’s no need to worry about those stormy nights. All EZ Glaze polycarbonate sheeting is tested to comply with AS4040.1 Standards.


Weight and installation ease

Screwed-fixed to the supporting structure, EZ Glaze is easy to install with a power drill, a ladder, an electric screwdriver and some basic handyman skills.

Lock EZ Glaze sheeting directly onto rafters without the need for intermittent purlins. You only need rafters for the ultra daylight frame, saving you money, time, and effort!

The Profile Range of the EZ Glaze 50 covers a Rafter Width of 40-50mm, a Profile Height of 39 mm or 36 mm, and a Low Profile Height of 25mm or 22mm. Ensure your maximum roof pitch is at least 3 degrees for adequate water run-off. 


Aiming for sustainable performance all year round? The Roofing Options team deliver roofing supplies to Reservoir, Lalor, Broadmeadows, and Thornbury areas. 


Colour Range

What colours can you choose from for Suntuf EZ Glaze applications? Depending on your desired usage, there are a range of colours to enhance your outdoor spaces!

Clear. Clear provides a Light Transparency of 90%, a Shading Coefficient of 1.0, and a Solar Heat Gain of 0.86.

Solar Grey. Solar Grey has a Light Transparency of  20%, a Shading Coefficient of 0.51, and a Solar Heat Gain of 0.44.

Breeze. Breeze offers a Light Transparency of 70%, a Shading Coefficient of 0.61, and a Solar Heat Gain of 0.53.

Want to learn more about roofing options? With EZ Glaze product sheeting in 3mm thickness, 600mm cover width, 672mm total width, and a maximum length of 7,000mm, check out our EZ Glaze range. Our Cranbourne, Coburg, and Campbellfield stores deliver roofing supplies to Endeavour Hills, Dandenong, Clyde, or Langwarrin areas.


What About Sunglaze Polycarbonate?

Although similar to EZ Glaze, Sunglaze Polycarbonate has its own distinctive properties.

As a solid-standing seam panel system, Sunglaze is an all-in-one architectural solution consisting of standing seam panels, aluminium profiles, and fasteners. This leak-proof system supports pitched roof glazing, hail-resistant skylights, clear span roofs, or commercial curtain walls.

Glazed roofing is always high-performing as a durable alternative to residential glass roof systems! EZ Glaze, in comparison, is a user-friendly solution that is excellent for beginners wanting to build clear patio roofs, flat roof designs, DIY polycarbonate roof panels, or DIY skylights.

If you’d like to learn more about Sunglaze, check out our recent article on Sunglaze polycarbonate roof systems, benefits and features!


Reliable Roofing Supplies in Melbourne – Choose EZ Glaze

EZ Glaze offers more than affordability and an elegant glass-like appearance. From shading swimming pools to improving your commercial project or creating a glass roof pergola, EZ Glaze roofing material will always be a supportive structure. 

At Roofing Options, we understand how ample sunlight can create a relaxing atmosphere for family gatherings and provide the supplies to make it possible. Whether you’re looking for Laserlite 2000 Polycarbonate, Laserlite 3000 Polycarbonate or Suntuf EZ Glaze Polycarb, we have something for every builder.

Contact us today for expert advice on polycarbonate roofing supplies, professional recommendations on Sunglaze polycarbonate applications, and how our products ensure your finished project will last.

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