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What are the best screws to use on my Polycarbonate roofing sheets?



If you plan to install a new Polycarbonate roof for your outdoor area, deciding on factors like the profile and colour can be overwhelming. However, we can make things easier for you by providing information on the necessary screws and fixings you MUST use, regardless of the brand of profiled Polycarbonate roof sheet you choose. This way, you can save time and make an informed decision. 



 It’s essential to remember that Polycarbonate roofing undergoes expansion and contraction due to temperature changes throughout the day and night. This implies that when fastening or securing your Polycarbonate roofing to your building, you must account for this movement in the sheet. 



 To ensure that Polycarbonate roofing is securely fixed, it is important to use screws with sealing dome washers. These washers create a waterproof seal around the screw head, preventing water from entering the screw hole and causing potential damage such as leaks, mould growth, and structural issues. 



When installing Polycarbonate roofing sheets, it is important to create a 10mm clearance hole around the shaft/thread of each screw point. This will allow the sheet to move freely as it expands and contracts with temperature changes. If screws are directly inserted into the sheet without a clearance hole, it can cause the sheet to buckle and crack around the screw point over time. There are two methods to accomplish this task. One is traditional and requires a lot of time, while the other is effortless. 



 Traditionally, prepping a Polycarbonate roof sheet for installation involves drilling individual 10mm clearance holes at every screw point and then fastening screws directly through the middle of each hole. This method can be time-consuming, requiring multiple drill attachments or constant changes between two drills, complicating the task. 



Polycarbonate roofing can be installed easily and quickly with One Shot Polycarbonate fixing screws or Laserlite Vortex Polycut screws. These screws have a special design that eliminates the need for pre-drilling, allowing them to be driven directly through the roofing material. Both screw options come with a 10mm hole cutter on the screw thread, which allows you to drill the necessary clearance hole without changing drills or attachments. Additionally, both types of screws feature a domed sealing washer that ensures a watertight seal once fastened. 



It may seem too good to be true, but it’s that simple. Using the best screw available saves time and ensures that your Polycarbonate roof sheets are securely fastened and installed correctly. 



 It is imperative to use One Shot screws when fixing polycarbonate roofing down. This is crucial for ensuring that your roofing is properly installed, secured, and protected from the elements. By using these screws, you can prevent cracking and splitting, provide a watertight seal, save time and money, and improve the overall aesthetics of your roofing. Make sure to use the correct type of screw and enjoy the benefits of a well-installed and secured polycarbonate roofing system. 

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